CEREC Crowns

CEREC EncinoThe most aesthetic and effective option for a crown is the all-porcelain CEREC crown. Nothing replicates natural teeth better than porcelain, and nothing is more convenient for your busy schedule than a one-time visit.

Patient Concerns:

Let CEREC be the Answer!

  • No time for multiple visits.

  • One-time visit. No need for cementation appointments. No temporaries.

  • Old fillings making your smile dark or opaque

  • Color, shade and characteristic matching.

  • Chipped, broken or decaying teeth

  • Function and strength with the strongest porcelain in the industry. Re-creates the natural beauty and function of your teeth.

“The investment Dr. Weber has made in the latest technology in dentistry has allowed me to get services like crowns (in less than an hour) and without multiple appointments. I have nothing but praise for Dr. Weber and his team. He is thorough, meticulous and truly an artist when it comes to restorative dentistry. I routinely recommend him to all my friends, family and patients.”
Brad Green

You may have seen how dentistry in the past focused on metal-alloys which covered the tooth and left an unattractive black-line around your gums. So, unless you’re a big time rapper, you don’t want metal teeth, and with the exception of titanium, the human body simply does not like metal around sensitive tissue such as the gums and tonsils.

The procedure does not hurt and the cost is very fair. Dr. Weber’s 25 years of experience improving smiles and his patients’ testimonies prove that he is the Encino cosmetic dentist you should choose! He uses the highest quality materials, and state of the art CEREC Crown and digital x-ray technology to serve as your guarantee for the strongest, most functional and stunning smile you will ever have.

Call us today and ask Lisett, our office guru, about our Cosmetic Dentistry promotion on CEREC crowns.