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$200 off CEREC Crowns

New patients will recieve $200 off CEREC same-day crowns.
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30% off Dental Implant!

Receive 30% off your first implant. That’s almost $1000 in savings!
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New Patient Gift

New patients will receive a complimentary in office teeth whitening AND take-home touch-up trays. Be sure to mention promo when scheduling your appointment.
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5 reasons why patients loyally choose Dr. Weber over any other dentist:

1. Same-day service: No temporaries. No Worries.

Your time is precious. In today’s fast-paced world, nobody likes to take time out of their day to visit the  Encino Cosmetic Dentist. We get it. We have come up with solutions to get you in-and-out in one appointment, without compromising quality or experience.

CEREC crowns and restorations provide the optimal solution you are looking for to restore damaged teeth. No waiting for the next appointment and no temporaries. With a proven long-term restoration survival rate of over 95%, we are proud to offer CEREC crowns for you dental restoration.

2. We’ve got it all!

Your time is sensitive, and your comfort is our prime concern. We won’t send you on a drive across town to another specialist’s office. Because each of our patient has unique needs, we are equipped and ready with the best technology and highly trained staff.

We have the ability to provide services you would normally need a speicialist for. Some of these include: implant placement and GALILEOS cone beam, 3D x-ray unit. Because we can do everything in office, you save money.


3. Defeat dental anxiety.

You’re not the first who has avoided treating their dental needs because a fear of dental offices.

We offer you a solution to that fear. We offer a way for you to overcome it.
The difference with Dr. Weber is that before he offers you a solution, he wants to know why you are afraid of the dentist.

Depending on your anxiety, solutions vary from a relaxing tiny pill that diminishes anxiety, to a twilight sleep sedation. Tell Dr. Weber what obstacles you face and he will help you overcome them with the assistance of a sedation specialist and the best methods available.

4. Financed to your needs.

Health care providers should never neglect the circumstances of their patients. Dr. Weber is a fair priced dentist. This means his prices are never excessive, he never slams anyone with hidden fees, and his services have successfully fit the needs of many.

We want every patient to achieve the results they deserve. To help you accomplish this we offer full in-house financing with no interest.

5. Pencil us in.

You probably have a busy schedule. So where do you fit an appointment to have your dental needs skillfully cared for?

As working professionals and busy family members ourselves, we understand rush-hour traffic, short lunch hours, and booked schedules. This is our craft, and we aim to craft it around you, the person behind the smile.

We got your covered! Pencil us in:

  • During your Lunch-hour.
  • Early a.m. before your busy day starts.
  • Late p.m. after work.
  • Same-day service (No temporaries. No second visits)
  • Regular office hours as well.

“As a busy professional, and longstanding patient of Dr. Weber’s , I sincerely appreciate the professionalism and high quality dental care which Dr. Weber and his team provides.”
Brad Green

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