CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

Get your new dental restoration in just one visit.
Single-Visit Dentistry

How does CEREC® work?

Mature man smiling with the benefit of CEREC same-day dentistry

In need of a dental crown, but you don’t have the time to schedule multiple appointments? With CEREC® and Dr. Weber, you can restore your beautiful smile in just one visit!

Thanks to CEREC® same-day technology, we can digitally design and manufacture your custom porcelain crown right here at our office. Although the process may be fast and simple, the quality of your restoration won’t be compromised.

Convenience + quality + efficiency = your CEREC® same-day crown!

Mature man smiling with the benefit of CEREC same-day dentistry
More Convenience, Less Anxiety
Our natural-looking restorations could change your life.
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Just One Visit

Getting a new crown and fixing your smile takes just one visit with our in-house CEREC® technology. No need for multiple appointments, temporaries, or goopy impressions.

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Beautiful Look

We’ll make sure your new crown’s size, color, and shape blends seamlessly with your surrounding teeth for a more natural and aesthetically pleasing result.

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Restoring Function

Restore your tooth’s strength and function with the strongest and the most durable crowns available. CEREC® crowns are crafted from porcelain, and with the proper care, they can last for a lifetime.


Dr. Weber has made my dental experience the absolute best! He has such a light hand that I never feel a thing! Dental work can get terrifying, but after having Dr. Weber as your dentist, you will look forward to going in!

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Getting Your New Crown

You are in the best hands with our restorative dentist in Encino, CA.

Dr. Robert Weber examining a female patient
Smile Examination
First, Dr. Weber will examine your smile to determine if a crown is the best restorative option for you.
A woman taking a digital impression for here CEREC crowns
Digital Impressions & Custom Design
Digital impressions of your tooth are taken to ensure your new crown's design meets your exact specifications – no goopy impressions required!
One of our dental assistants finishing a CEREC crown
In-House Crown Creation
We’ll use our advanced in-house CEREC® 3D milling machine to craft your porcelain crown in just a few minutes.
Dr. Weber placing a CEREC crown with the help of his dental assistant
Crown Placement
Once the manufacturing process is complete, Dr. Weber will polish, adjust, and place your crown to give you a comfortable and natural-looking smile.
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